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JADA Medical Launches the First Universal Capnography Adapter (CarboTrack™)

JADA Medical, privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, launches CarboTrack™, a new Carbon Dioxide Airway Adapter (CDAA) that is designed to enhance capnography for patients having procedures under moderate to deep sedation anesthesia. CarboTrack™ is the first universal capnography adapter that has been introduced to the US market. "CarboTrack™ raises the bar for the current capnography standard of care. It is a single use device adaptable to many airway applications and facilitate compliance to ASA mandates 3.2.1 and 3.2.4. Anesthesia providers no longer need to improvise in the operating room to obtain clinically useful EtCO2 tracings", says JADA Medical Clinical Lead, Dr. Michael Jach.

CarboTrack’s™ unique ports, adherence, and transparency make this adapter ideal for all anesthesia providers to achieve and maintain capnography," says JADA Medical Business Developemnt Director Rami Loya. "We have been investigating capnography practice over the past few years. We're excited to bring this product to market because we know how anesthesia providers are forced to jerry-rig equipment to comply with capnography standards of care. "CarboTrack™ lends itself to many clinical environments, operating room, sedation suites, paramedics, military use in the field”, said JADA Medical Marketing Director, Ayle Jach


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