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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Approves CarboTrack™ for use

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is now embracing CarboTrack™ for routine use for its sedation service to enhance patient safety. The hospital was among the first hospitals in the US to conduct a two-week clinical assessment using the CarboTrack device.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was founded in 1855 as the nation’s first pediatric hospital. Through its long-standing commitment to providing exceptional patient care, training new generations of pediatric healthcare professionals and pioneering major research initiatives, Children’s Hospital has fostered many discoveries that have benefited children worldwide.

Its pediatric research program is among the largest in the country, ranking third in National Institutes of Health funding. In addition, its unique family-centered care and public service programs have brought the 516-bed hospital recognition as a leading advocate for children and adolescents.

“Our sedation staff think the CarboTrack is working great for our patients that require an oral airway during sedation. We are obtaining good adequate end-tidal waveform tracings”, said Amy Byrne, CHOP Pediatric Sedation Nurse Practitioner.

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