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CLASA Meeting 2019

In this year's Confederation of Latin American Societies of Anesthesiology (CLASA) meeting, Dr. Guillermo Navarro M.D. led a nine-station airway management workshop with a total of 450 participants. All participants rotated between stations and learned about new technologies. The CarboTrack station was set up with a capnography monitor and oxygen source. The participants could see first hand how CarboTrack works using a supplemental oxygen face mask (Campbell brand).

"Workshops with CarboTrack were very attractive, attendants showed enthusiasm, when they saw how the device works in real time with a human model. I believe it will be an important step towards safety for sedation anesthesia, enabling monitoring with a simple and inexpensive device, this is a clear advance as a patient safety device" said Dr. Navarro, Director of the Latin American Airway Training Group (EVALa).

CarboTrack was chosen by Dr. Navarro this year as a adjunct device for the Vortex approach protocol for emergency airway management.


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