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New Device Offers Fresh Take On Sidestream Capnography

Orlando, Fla.—A new device, called the CarboTrack, is a universal capnography adapter designed to enhance the sampling of exhaled gas from a patient’s airway during moderate sedation, deep sedation or general anesthesia. “Capnography for procedural sedation is mandatory and for good reason. Capnography provides critical information that can mitigate against potential airway disasters,” said Michael D. Jach, MD, the inventor of the CarboTrack and an anesthesiologist at the Suburban Hospital of Johns Hopkins Medicine, in Bethesda, Md. “This represents a paradigm shift away from crude jerry-rigging to a stable interface for sidestream capnography.”

Dr. Jach said the benefits of CarboTrack are primarily that it is reliable and cost-effective, and it allows anesthesia providers to track end-tidal carbon dioxide (CO2) in many clinical scenarios.

“This device will raise the profile of sedation capnography, reflecting a commitment to a higher standard of monitoring,” Dr. Jach said. For the full article by Anesthesiology News click here.


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