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  • Which cases require capnography?
    Capnography is mandatory for all procedures under moderate to deep sedation and intravenous general anesthesia for non-intubated patients.
  • When would one use CarboTrack™?
    CarboTrack™ is used for procedural sedation when appropriate capnography equipment is unavailable or deficient.
  • Which products are amenable to CarboTrack™ application?
    The primary target airways are oropharyngeal airways, supplemental oxygen face masks, and bite blocks. CarboTrack™ has the ability to capture carbon dioxide from other potential sources of exhaled gases.
  • I have been improvising for years, why should I pay for an adapter?"
    CarboTrack™ provides a sturdy, reliable interface for capnography enabling capnography off many target airways. CarboTrack™ focuses on patient safety and compliance with monitoring statutes.
  • Is CarboTrack™ latex-free?
    Yes, its components are all latex-free and it is manufactured in a latex-free environment.
  • Who can use CarboTrack™?
    Any provider trained in capnography can use the device.
  • Do I have to purchase new airway equipment to use CarboTrack™?
    No, CarboTrack™ was designed to use with most common pre-existing airway products.
  • Will CarboTrack™ work with existing capnometry hardware?
    Yes, CarboTrack™ is compatible with pre-existing capnography monitors.
  • What are the alternatives to CarboTrack™ use?
    For certain applications specialty products may exist. For many applications, like oropharyngeal airways, there is no alternative other than crude improvisation.
  • Can I place device directly onto a patient’s face?
    No. This is not the intended use of the device.
  • What quality tracings should I expect?
    CarboTrack™ enables capnography from many sources of exhaled gases. Many variables determine the quality of tracings. Trends and qualitative changes are reliable, reproducible, and provide invaluable clinical information.
  • Can CarboTrack™ be used outside the operation room (OR)?
    CarboTrack™ should be immediately available wherever procedural sedation is performed or ongoing capnography in non-intubated patients is required.
  • What if I choose to forego capnography?
    Capnography is mandatory for procedural sedation. Absence of apropriate ETCO2 monitoring has safety and medicolegal implications.
  • Does CarboTrack™ increase resistance to exhalation?
    No, by virtue of teh CarboTrack™ design resistance is negligible.
  • Is training required prior to the use of CarboTrack™?
    No prior training is required.
  • Is this device sterile and can it be reused?
    CarboTrack™ is a single use, non-sterile, and non-invasive device.
  • Which oropharyngeal airway (OPA) size is the device compatible with?
    CarboTrack™ (adult version) is primarily designed to fit OPA ISO sizes from 7 to 11 for all brands.
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