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CarboTrack™ Obtains CE Mark

JADA Medical’s new carbon dioxide airway adapter (CDAA), the CarboTrack™, has been approved for commercial distribution in Europe. On Tuesday, the company received CE Mark approval for the CarboTrack™ device.

CarboTrack™ is a single use universal capnography adapter that alongside its unique structure includes features such as a EtCO2 sampling port, nasal cannula ports, utility port, and high adherence to multiple surfaces. These added capabilities allow clinicians to detect potential patient breathing problems earlier during the procedure. “CarboTrack™ is feature rich. It provides an early warning of ventilation compromise- an invaluable monitor,” said JADA Medical co-founder David Karvani.

CarboTrack™ is set to be introduced across Europe in the second quarter of 2017, with plans for a controlled launch at centers in Germany, United Kingdom, and France. Clinics and hospitals in 14 countries will be introduced to the device and Karvani said data will be collected at several timepoints during selected procedures. Some of the centers that will be part of the controlled launch are already familiar with JADA Medical’s capnography adapter, which was presented to them during the ASA and PGA Meetings late last year.

"Anesthesiologists will be able to use CarboTrack™ in conjunction with existing airway applications already present in the OR. This will help hospitals contain costs as there is no need to invest in new capital airway equipment,” Karvani said. “Why limit yourself to an expensive capnography capable airway product when CarboTrack is conducive to multiple applications such as face masks, oral airways, bite blocks, or nasal cannulas? Some anesthesia providers are really good in jerry-rigging equipment. This needs to change, before easily preventable catastrophes occur.”

Capnography standards are being raised globally, especially in Europe, North America, and Australia. In addition, JADA Medical's distribution partners foresee that demand for CarboTrack™ expanding rapidly to South America, the Far East, and the Middle East.

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