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JADA Medical Introduces CarboTrack™ to The Anesthesia Profession

CarboTrack™ was first presented to the public at the ASA Annual meeting 2016 in Chicago, IL. For over 60 years, the ASA Annual Meeting has been the most comprehensive anesthesia-related educational event in the world, bringing together top influential and notable professionals in anesthesiology, pain medicine and critical care medicine. In the meeting anesthesia providers were presented with examples of current capnography practice where physicians need to improvise when no proper equipment is available to obtain EtCO2 tracings. "As anticipated the majority of anesthesia providers shared the same "jerry-rigging practice" and expressed the need for a more sturdy and reliable platform. When it comes to capnography we use any available equipment in the operating room, even if it's not very reliable. CarboTrack has medicolegal implications. Clinicians can no longer forego capnography by virtue of equipment deficiencies”, said JADA Medical Clinical Lead, Dr. Michael Jach. CarboTrack was enthusiastically received by a broad range of anesthesia providers confirming the need for a device to fill a deficiency in capnography monitoring.

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