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For me, job satisfaction has been gradually decreasing and faith dwindling, until I found CarboTrack. Finally, an instrument which promulgates safety with enhancement of quality of care. Perfect waveforms and accurate end tidal CO2 measurements has been my experience with CarboTrack and I can only offer my deepest congratulations to the individuals who make this concept a reality.

Dr. Carlos de Jesus, DNAP/CRNA, Riviera Beach, FL

The more I use this device, the more I appreciate it! I used one today to anesthetize a patient for colonoscopy. I placed an oral airway with the CarboTrack™ to improve oxygen delivery and improve the accuracy of the carbon dioxide tracing. The surgeon noted that the improved, smoother ventilation decreased the rocking movement of the patient's abdomen, making the procedure itself easier and safer. The patient did very well, never desaturated, vital signs were stable throughout and the procedure was completed very quickly and safely.

Theresa Sowinski, MD,Anesthesiologist, Winchester, IN

CarboTrack™ is a great accessory. It makes monitoring anesthesia easier and safer for my patients.

Eduard Salcedo, MD, CardiacAnesthesiologist Bethesda, MD

CarboTrack™ works very well and truly amplifies the CO2 quantity in the capnography tracing (cf absent CarboTrack) enhancing its validity as an excellent monitor for sedation cases.

Celestine Okwuone, MD, Chief of Anesthesia, Coatesville, PA

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