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CarboTrack    is a universal capnography safety adapter utilized to enhance end-tidal CO2 monitoring. It is designed primarily to adapt to Oropharyngeal Airways (OPA) and face masks when administering deep sedation anesthesia.

CarboTrack    is a significant step forward in airway safety for sedation procedures

News & Publications

"The CarboTrack is a small plastic device with a male luer connector for the gas sampling line, ports for connecting a nasal cannula, and an adhesive backing. The CarboTrack was showcased in a product presentation at the 2019 American Society of Anesthesiologists annual meeting in Orlando, Fl."


Anesthesiology News, April 23, 2020

CarboTrack capnography adapter asa mandate

"During moderate or deep sedation the adequacy of ventilation shall be evaluated by continual observation of qualitative clinical signs and monitoring for the presence of exhaled carbon dioxide unless precluded or invalidated by the nature of the patient, procedure, or equipment."


ASA Standards for Basic Anesthetic Monitoring section 3.2.4. last affirmed on October 28, 2015

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